Thursday, October 31, 2013

No bueno

Hubby and I have been struck down with food poisoning for the last two days.  We suspect it was the sushi we order from a new place on Monday, though it's kind of odd that it didn't hit us until Wednesday morning.  As someone who has not thrown up in over 10 years, it was a shock to my system how violent it can be.  Every single muscle in your body tightens up and forces "the bad stuff" out of your body.  And the rest of the time, you're just in misery until your body is ready to release again.  It's horrible.

Timing wise, it hit me in Wednesday morning as I was getting up for work - so that was the only good thing.  I just stayed home to rest.  Hubby was feeling "off" in the morning, but not bad.  He was able to bring Connor to day care before heading off to work.  By noon, he was home too.


Today was a little better for me.  I had more energy and was able to bring Connor to day care and get him ready for their pot luck/Halloween party in between meetings.  No coffee for me today, but I did enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks in the afternoon.  Surprising good!

As we wind down the day, I'm thankful to be making a fairly quick recovery.  Tummy is still sensitive, but I'm glad to have some energy to take care of my family.  No sick days from being a parent. 

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